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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 18, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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as we speak, u.s. troops are trying to get a handle on the escalating violence in haiti. 2000 marines arrive today. they are aware they cannot ease the situation until they feed the hungry. it is a slow process. the u.s. military dropping food and water from helicopters. it has to be this way. mayhem fuelled by looters and gangs and shopowners protect what they can. the u.s. military insists it is not as bad as these images portray. >> the level of violence we see right now is below the pre- earthquake levels. >> a quarter of a million are injured. twice as many homeless. medical facilities are another issue. some are overrun and others just outside the city, still unreachable. >> by surgeons are waiting for
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patience while they are dying in port-au-prince. >> for president bill clinton toward a hospital, promising more action. there are still moremore amazing stories of survival. people rescued from underneath the rubble. [applause] the united nations is considering calling in another 2000 troops and 1500 police officers. in addition to the 9000 already in haiti. the plan is to have them there for six months. >> thanks for the report. some haitian orphans are getting ready to start a brand new life in the united states. five orphans said to be adopted arrived in orlando. they were found in the rubble of
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an orphanage. there will be reunited with their new families. >> money and supplies are pouring in to help those affected. star athletes and starthey are a candlelight vigil at the haitian embassy. people offering their prayers for the island nation. so many have been moved on this day that even the folks here at the embassy have been overwhelmed by what they have received. >> the donations just keep pouring in. the support is humbling. >> it is good to see everyone helping out. supplies dropped off are being sorted at this old warehouse behind d.c. general hospital. volunteers showed up to sort things out. >> we're giving them food, clothing, medicine.
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>> the question in this situation is when and how well all these make it to the people who need it? the embassy is asking the general public stop dropping off supplies and donate money. people in our area just want to give what they can. >> when you find there is a need, you should step up to the plate and fill it. >> the mayors of three small town's appeal to the generosity of their constituents and ask them to donate money or supplies. the embassy told them it will receive them on friday. >> firefighters stuffed vans with donated goods. >> will continue for a couple more hours before we go to a central drop off. >> at the portland game, a player donated $1,000 of his
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money for every point shot. >> we will say prayers for all the people down there. >> it is a lot going on over there. i know that everybody, anything you can donate will help. >> once again, the folks here at the embassy are asking that you not bring any more goods are supplies here to the embassy. the best we can make a contribution, they say, is to give money. >> we willare teaming up with se the children. they have been working for 25 years. if you would like to help, go to our website,, and there you can find a link to the save the children website. 100% of your donation will go to helping children and their families. >> while people are celebrating
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martin luther king jr.'s f birthday, otehrs arhers are volunteering. the obamas will attend a concert at the kennedy center. southeast pc was an area that marked the occasion. the martin luther king jr. library in the northwest was the scene of several activities. meals were served to the hungry. >> we have a developing story out of afghanistan. searched launched -- militants launched an attack.
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12 people including a child and several attackers were killed. the five americans held in pakistan reportewere in court t. police deny the allegations of torture. the families of the five men from the d.c. area reported them missing in november. them men were detained and are being held on suspicion of terrorism. >> chrysler is recalling 24,000 vehicles because of a problem that could cause unexpected break failure. the part needs to be fixed on 2010 models. no crashes have been reported but the problem was found at a plant. if you own one of these
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vehicles, called chrysle chrysl. >> a man who shot pope john paul ii is that a prison in making some big claims. >> tryning to save a hores thse that fell in a
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>> as democrats close in on a health bill, trouble is looming. the new insider advantage poll shows martha coakley up by 20 points. >> in her corner, a who's who of democratic party patrons. >> president obama did so on his wife's birthday.
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he endorsed coakley. >> an all-star cast from "cheers", the new england patriots, and the red sox. >> you got to vote for scott brown. >> brown hilde anger over the president's policies --fuelled anger of the president's policies. >> we do not want the center whose only question on health care is to ask harry reid. and ask harry reid, how do you want me to vote on this one? >> tomorrow's race may come
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down to turnout. both parties will be scrambling to get their people to the polls. we're hearing from politico that president obama will deliver his state of the union address on january 27. he will deliver his budget on february 1. >> rescue efforts are underway to save a horse trapped in a sink hole. >> doug is back. >> gary williams spoke today and how about the wizards? wait till you see what they did this
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>> man who shot pope john paul ii is a free man. he walked out of prison saying the world will end in this century and he is the christ eternal. he served 29 years for shooting
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the pope and killing a turkish journalist. >> a horse has been trapped in a sink hole. we have been following that story. >> it has been 3 hours since the horse fell into the sinkhole. it is 12 to 15 feet. right now, a massive rescue effort. trying to shore up the earth. it is very wet out here which is what led to this thing: the first place. before they're able to go down and send a veterinarian down, they want to make sure the land is safe for the rescue workers to go down. that is what we're waiting for. they could take two more hours before they're able to send down
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a vet. it is resting calmly, waiting to be brought up. >> thanks. >> this is dry tonight and the weather is fabulous. it is the beginning of the 50's with sunshine in the wintertime. let's get some numbers. we will take you to seton elementary. a high of 54 and a great holiday today. 44 and things are starting to drop temperature rise. a high of 53 and 45 degrees in stevens' city in frederick county. oakland, maryland at 45.
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it is the local refrigerator temperature but they are fairly mild as well. maybe later in the week it will be cold enough to cause a few problems. we will check others. 56 am break in national and 14 degrees above average. current numbers are in the low 50's. it will not get that call tonight. we will stay in e 30's everywhere tonight. temperatures are colder at the great lakes. they wear light jackets outside. temperatures down south are warming up. miami a 73 after a long siege of coal there. our focus is up to the west. that big storm in california
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with heavy rain to come. that energy will go transcontinental and will have to deal with it by friday. a little colder air and that complicates the forecast. we will start as rain thursday but the wintry mix by friday morning. we will have snow and light snow and a wintry mix across new england, boston, and most of massachusetts, maybe some rain towards t coast and east of worcester. most of these will be quiet and the coal there will be to the north as we're headed to the 50's. the cold had in tomorrow night. thursday and friday we will figure out what is happening with this storm. it does not seem to begin -- be a big threat. here is the forecast. clearing skies and 31 to 37 by morning. lots of sunshine and cooler on wednesday.
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increasing clouds with rain later on thursday and may be a brief mix on friday morning and another chance of rain on saturday. >> the petraeus sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealer. moving it forward. >> it is looking like the wizard are becoming accustomed to playing without gilbert. the wizards ahve won whave two . it is good to have something positive. they beat the trail blazers' 97- 92. here we go. fourth quarter and scoring 21. the wizards finish strongly. then they melted the clock. the wizards the the trail
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blazers' 97-92. >>-- beat the trailblazers 97-9. >> nice win this afternoon. the maryland terrapins are coming off or road when at boston. the terps got a nice start. it is a nice ballclub. gary williams is trying to keep his team focused as they have positioned themselves nicely for another turn and run. >> we know we cannot just walk out there andlay. that does us no good. that allows the team we're playing confidence that they can play with us. it will be interesting to see for me how ready we are to play. >> now hear this.
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the dallas cowboys today said they are keeping wade philps as their coach. they are upset that the vikings -- get over it. the offense tries to score and the defense tries to stop them. there is no time limit so get over. the only real surprise this weekend was the jets' win over the chargers. doing a great job keeping his ball club in the game. they wanted in the second half. the rookie coach with a rookie quarterback beat san diego 17- 14. it is being reported in philadelphia that the eagles running back will have to retire. he has had those concussions that kept him out of the season. he might have problems passing his physical. the rainy day in millburn.
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--melbourne. eliminated and outsted in teh first round of the australian -- the australian open. the two-time all-star will take his game to china. he will play in the chinese basketball league. he says marbury wants to sell his shoes in china. a two-time all-star. >> we will
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